Quick Point – International Day of Peace

Today I’ll be talking about an event, a worldwide celebration that happens on Sept. 21 each year. Yes, a few months off yet, but if you are hosting an event then, you have to start planning, oh, about now!

This Quick Point was recorded on June 9, 2016.

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Mass Incarceration in Oklahoma: When Will It End?

Panel discussion in Oklahoma City on April 19, 2016, featuring Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, TEEM Director and former Speaker of the Oklahoma House Kris Steele, and Rev. Jesse Jackson of the East Sixth Street Christian Church, OKC.

For more information, see the story on Oklahoma Activist.

Rev. William Tabbernee of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches opens the event.

From promotional materials:

Oklahoma has the second highest incarceration rate (behind only
Louisiana) in the United States and it continues to grow annually, while
prison populations nationwide have fallen each year since 2009.
Oklahoma has had the highest incarceration rate for women since 2011 and
incarcerates women at more than twice the national rate. Oklahoma also
has the highest rate of prisoners housed in private prisons.
Approximately 28,000 adults are presently incarcerated in Oklahoma.
Another 31,000 adults are under community supervision (probation and
parole). Oklahoma’s prison population in 1983 was 7,000.

Prater has been District Attorney of Oklahoma County since 2007. He
served as an Assistant District Attorney in Oklahoma County from 1993
through 2001 and as an officer in the Norman Police Department from 1980
through 1988.

Steele is Executive Director of TEEM (The Education and Employment
Ministry), a nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty and
incarceration in Oklahoma. Mr. Steele served in the Oklahoma House of
Representatives from 2001-2012 and as Speaker of the House in 2011-2012.
He is the leader of Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, a coalition
of community groups that seeks to get two initiative petitions on the
November ballot; the petitions seek reduction of sentences for drug
possession and property crimes and community treatment for drug
addiction and mental health.

Rev. Jackson is the pastor of East Sixth Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1139 N.E. 6th.
He is the President of the National Convocation of the Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ), a national organization of African-American
Disciples of Christ. Rev. Jackson last summer organized an initiative
called Occupy the Corners–OKC to curb gun violence in northeast Oklahoma

The program will be moderated by Rev. Don Heath, pastor of Edmond Trinity Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The event is sponsored by the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, VOICE
OKC, Restoration Church at the Dome, and Edmond Trinity Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ). Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service/Campaign

Pointing Left Podcast Episode 10 – ACLU OK uncovers OKC median ordinance deception

Going into double digits with this episode, and we have a full show dedicated to an interview with M. Scott Carter, Director of Investigative Communications for the ACLU Oklahoma, about what he found in city documents leading up to the passage of the 2015 OKC so-called “medians ordinance.” Last week ACLU OK published an article that showed the city and local organizations reframed the justification for the ordinance from “anti-panhandling” to “public safety” in order to better sell it to the public. There is more to come on this story, but we go over all the relevant events to date.

pointing left podcastEpisode 10:
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Length: 38:09

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Healing the Breach: A Community Conversation on Law Enforcement and Citizen Rights

In observance of the International Day of Peace, on September 21, 2015, the Rev. Jesse Jackson of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty participated in a community discussion on Healing the Breach between law enforcement and minority groups. The event was held at the Great Hall in the University Center at Oklahoma City University.

0:00 Welcome from Priya Desai of the United National Association
5:21 Music by the Starvation Army Band
12:15 Panel discussion begins, followed by Q & A
For more information, see the story posted at Oklahoma Activist.